Pongal Recipes

The Pongal Festival is a joyous celebration of bountiful harvests and rich cultural heritage in South India. Two quintessential Pongal dishes are Sakkarai Pongal, made with jaggery, and the savory Ven Pongal, prepared with ghee and pepper. This festival offers the perfect opportunity to explore variations of these classics using millets, rice flakes, and seasonal produce.

Each day of Pongal has its own significance and customary foods. Bhogi Pongal kicks off the festivities, so sweets like puran poli stuffed with sweet potato and classic ladoo make an appearance. The main Pongal day, Maatu Pongal, centers around Sakkarai Pongal, Ven Pongal, and a hearty spread of vegetables and sambar. Finally, Kanu Pongal pays respect to ancestors and rivers. On this day, devotees prepare an array of rice offerings.

The Pongal Festival brings families and communities together to celebrate South Indian culture through food. The days are filled with the aromas of spices, the joy of gathering, and the meaning found in traditions old and new. As you celebrate, may your Pongal pot overflow with happiness. Pongalo Pongal!

Presenting an array of Pongal dishes for the 3 main days of Pongal- Bhogi, Mattu Pongal and Kanu Pongal. You can choose between a seasonal Sweet Potato Puran Poli or a simple Kesari for Bhogi, Poha Sakkarai Pongal or usual rice Pongal, Millet ven Pongal for Mattu Pongal, and rice varieties for Kanu Pongal.