Atte Ka Sheera (Insant Wheat Halwa)

30 mins
Serves 4 people
Author: Rajni Ram
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Halwa is a popular dish in the Indian subcontinent and there are many varieties of Halwa like Rava/Suji Halwa, Moong dal halwa, Chana dal halwa, Lauki halwa, Carrot halwa, and many more. This recipe Atte Ka Sheera is very popular in North India during both the Navrathras, as it is offered to little girls on the Ashtami day( day 8 of Navrathri) as Prasad(holy offering).

This Halwa gets done in no time and is healthy and tasty at the same time. My girl loves it and whenever any of us craves sweet at home I make it instantly, like today.

The smooth texture of the Halwa lies in roasting the Wheat flour correctly, as an under roasted flour can make the halwa lumpy. There are many variations to making this Halwa and I chanced upon this one in an old recipe book and have always made it that way ever since. Do check out my other sweet and dessert recipes.



  1. Wheat flour 1 cup( any size is fine, but use the same cup for all measures in this recipe).
  2. Sugar 1 cup
  3. Water 2 cups
  4. Ghee 1/2 cup
  5. Cardamom powder 1/4 tsp
  1. Assemble all ingredients.
  2. In a heavy-bottomed pan/karahi pour 1 tablespoon ghee, add the wheat flour and start roasting. Keep stirring continuously.
  3. After 5 minutes of roasting add another tablespoon of ghee and continue to roast. The flour starts turning brown and also starts giving out a nice aroma. Continue to roast until the flour turns golden brown. (Remember to keep flame at low or medium). Once browned switch off the flame.
  4. Now in a saucepan pour the water and drop in the sugar and boil, add a few pods of cardamom to this(later it can be fished out). Once the water starts boiling and the sugar has completely dissolved put off the flame.
  5. Now slowly pour the sugar water into the roasted wheat flour, while stirring simultaneously. Remember to keep the flame of while pouring the water into the Atta. If the flame is not switched off the water can splutter on the hand, and the halwa can get lumpy too.
  6. Once you have poured in all the water, switch on the flame and continue stirring, until the halwa starts leaving the pan bottom and swirls along with the ladle. At this stage add the remaining ghee and garnish with some dry nuts.

    Atte Ka Sheera is ready to serve.

Take a heavy-bottomed pan /Karahi/Urli and heat it. Add 1 tbsp ghee and add in the wheat flour and start roasting it, stirring continuously. after 5 minutes add another tablespoon of ghee and continue to roast. Don’t forget to keep stirring, as the flour can get burnt. as the roasting continues the atta/wheat flour will give a nice aroma, keep roasting until the flour turns golden brown. Once it is nicely browned turn off the flame. In another saucepan heat water, and drop the sugar into it, dissolve it and allow it to boil. Once the sugar is dissolved switch off the flame. Now slowly pour the sugar water into the roasted wheat flour and keep stirring continuously(remember to keep the flame off while pouring the sugar water). Once you have poured all the water, switch on the flame and continue to stir, until the halwa starts leaving the bottom of the pan/karahi. turn off the flame add the nuts and remaining ghee. Atte Ka Sheera is ready. Enjoy this wholesome goodness. Bon Appetit.


  1. Roasting the flour is the most critical step to get a smooth and creamy Halwa.
  2. Roasting must be done in low to medium flame and not high as this could burn the flour.
  3. After roasting the flour and while preparing the sugar water, keep the flame of the flour off.
  4. While pouring the sugar water into the Ata also the flame must be off. Switch on after pouring all the water.
  5. I have used only 1/2 a cup of ghee, more can be added if required.

If you tried this recipe and liked it please comment below. I would love to hear from you.

4 thoughts on "Atte Ka Sheera (Insant Wheat Halwa)"

  1. Revathi says:

    Tried this whole wheat pudding flavored with Indian spices and enhanced with nuts… speaks about our indian tradition

  2. Thank you Revati for the feedback❤.

  3. Tried this today, was delicious. Thanks for the recipe!

  4. @ Gayathri Anand thank you.❤️

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