Berry Smoothie Icecream

For all the Berry lovers like me, this Smoothie Icecream is a treat to the taste buds. Made with a mix of Blueberries and Cranberries, Greek yogurt, Hung Curd, and some condensed milk, this is a dessert full of flavour. What’s more, it is healthy too…

Getting to the recipe right away.
PREP TIME: 15Mins+ 2hrs( hung curd)          PROCESSING TIME: 5 Mins
TOTAL TIME: 35 Mins                                    COURSE:  DESSERT
CUISINE: WORLD                                           SERVINGS: 6
                                                                            AUTHOR: Rajni Ram


Digestive biscuits 6 numbers
Condensed Milk 250 gm
Cranberries 100 gm
Blueberries 100 gm
Plain Greek yogurt 250 gm
Hung Curd 250 gm
Paper cups 6
Icecream sticks 6
Directions :
Take the Digestive biscuits in a dry mixer and powder them. To this add 2 tbsp condensed milk and give another spin in the mixer. Distribute this mixture evenly into the 6 cups and press it down into the cup base with a spoon. Now put the berries into the dry mixer and give it a spin. Grind it coarse and keep aside. In a liquidizer pour the Condensed milk, followed by Greek yogurt and hung curd, mix in the coarsely ground berries and blitz them for a minute. Pour the mixture into the 6 cups filling 3/4 of the cup and insert the ice cream stick until it touches the biscuit base. Repeat for all cups and freeze them for 8 hrs. The Berry Smoothie Icecream is ready for an after-dinner treat. Enjoy. Bon Appetit.
1. Assemble are ingredients. Keep the paper cups and icecream sticks ready.


2. In the dry mixer put in the Digestive biscuits and powder them. Add 2 tbsp Condensed milk and spin in the mixer again.


3. Distribute evenly in the 6 cups and press it down to the cup base. Keep aside.


4. Put the Berries in the dry mixer and coarsely grind them. Keep aside.


5. Now in the liquidizer pour the Condensed milk, Greek yogurt, and hung curd, followed by the berries and blitz the contents for a minute.


6. Distribute evenly into the 6 cups and insert the icecream sticks such that they touch the biscuit base. Put the cups into the freezer to set for 8 hrs.


7. After 8 hrs remove from freezer and unmould the Smoothie Icecream by gently squeezing the cup from the base until the icecream slides out.
I tried this recipe yesterday with fresh Strawberry, as it’s the Berry season now in India and the Berry Smoothie ice cream turned out very delicious with the fresh ones. I have used 2 packs of strawberries around 300 gms, rest of the measurements and recipe remain the same. Try it out this season and make the best of the goodness the berries have to offer.



1. Any mix of berries can be used.
2. I have used dry berries, you can use the fresh ones too in the season, but you will have to add sugar to the mixture as the berries can be a little sour. That said the fresh berries do give a more intense flavour.
3. The base is a little hard when set, but the base cannot be done away with, as the base allows for an easier unmoulding of the icecream.
4. You can use 2 tsp chilled butter instead of the condensed milk to set the digestive biscuit base. It might turn out a little softer than the condensed milk one. I have not tried this in this recipe.
5. As you can see fresh berries to dried berries the colour does make a difference. Taste and flavour are the same. But then fresh berries are irresistible to me .????
If you make this recipe and like it pls comment below. I would love to hear from you.