Cool Tempered Curd Rice With Cumumber

Curd rice is a south Indian dish prepared with pre cooked rice, yougurt, milk, and some tempering. South Indian food especially the Tamil Brahmin culture considers Curd Rice aka Thayir Sadam as a full stop to their meal. This is a simple meal in itself which can be paired with your choice of pickle to beat the heat of the summer.

The tempering and the add-ins to the curd rice are totally customizable to our preferences. Anything from grated carrots, shallots, curd chillies, green chillies, mango-ginger, grapes, pomegranate etc; can be added. In the current recipe I have used finely chopped cucumbers.

Yogurt/ curd is a prebiotic and most houses make homemade curds which is far more better as compared to